For the past seventeen days, fifty thousand Turkish soldiers and one Suleiman the Magnificent have  battered at the walls of Belgrade with stone and steel. For seventeen days,  the people of Belgrade have had little sport but to ponder whether death or enslavement is to be their fate. All that is except for Elzabet the Stubborn. She has bigger worries.

  A lifetime filled with high strangeness has reached a crescendo for the young slave girl, in troll harrassment, demon posessions, visions of dragon attacks, and the scream filled dreams of a tortured knight overwhelming her.

And the only ones who believe her are the ones who want to burn her at the stake.

Until that is, two mysterious monks, Bernard and his novice Friedrich appear in the besieged city from out of nowhere.

  But then the mysterious sign from her visions appears in the sky one night for all to see.

But is it a sign of salvation...or damnation?